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  • New Classes Announced for Whiskey 101 and 201

    Our devotion to alcoholucation knows no bounds (in fact, we might have more accreditation than Trump University): We have just announced brand new classes for both Whiskey 101 and Whiskey 201.

    The Whiskey 201 course will be on Saturday, April 23rd at noon. This $45 class is an advance journey through global whiskeys, including everything from Scotch to Irish to Japanese and more. 

    The Whiskey 101 course will be on Saturday, May 7th at noon. This $40 class is a very special one-of-a-kind Kentucky Derby edition of our traditional Whiskey 101 lesson. In addition to the regular drink-while-you-learn instruction, there will be Mint Juelps for all attendees at the end. Jockey attire is not required.

    Both classes are hosted at Paydirt and include about a half-dozen tastings, tasty snacks, run about 90 minutes in length, and always sell out. Get your ticket to the Derby Edition Whiskey 101 here and our advanced Whiskey 201 here. Don't delay!