• Introducing the Paydirt Whiskey Appreciation Society!

    Attention whiskey drinkers: Our new drinking club, the Paydirt Whiskey Appreciation Society, has recently launched. Keep track of your whiskey adventures in these handsome books and win fabulous prizes along the way.

    And as an added bonus, we're giving away free pours of Pappy Van Winkle Rye to the first few who finish their book. Yes, free Pappy. 

  • Drink Up, Blazers Fans

    Did you know we play each and every Portland Trail Blazers game at Paydirt? Now your viewing pleasure will be enhanced with these new "Sabonis vs. Bear" pint glasses. Between the opening tip to the final buzzer, we will take $1 off any micro beer and serve it to you in these glasses. If you want to take one home, you can for $15, which includes the beer. 

    The glasses are part of our "Great Moments in (Fictional) Blazers History" series, with more coming soon. 

  • Whiskey 101

    Learning is fun. Drinking is more fun. But nothing is more fun than learning while drinking. Our latest Whiskey 101: An Exploration of American Whiskey class will be held Saturday, January 14th at 12pm at Paydirt. Our interactive lesson will cover the origins, styles, and varieties of American Whiskey. This includes bourbons, ryes, and plenty more. Yes, you'll get to drink as you learn, as host/professor Andrew Finkelman helps you learn more about the most fascinating spirit on your liquor shelf.

    Get your tickets now, before they sell out.
    And yes, this class makes for a great holiday gift.

  • Election Night at Paydirt

    The election that refuses to end is almost over. On Tuesday, November 8th come to Paydirt to watch the results roll in. We'll have a free champagne toast to our future Madame President. And if that doesn't happen? We'll feed you whiskey and you can use our wifi to find yourself a new home. New Zealand sounds nice.

  • We Bought a Barrel of Old Weller Antique 107

    There's a little secret to the bar world: If you are willing, you can purchase an entire barrel of whiskey. The distillery will ship you some sample vials, you'll hastily taste them, check a few boxes and months later your whiskey will unceremoniously arrive bottled on the back of some freight truck. It's a functional, yet anonymous, way to make a large purchase of brown liquor.

    But there's another method to buying a barrel. This one requires a quite a bit more effort, long layover flights in the Midwest, and far too much time drinking in Louisville dive bars.

    This past April we traveled to Kentucky to select our very own barrel of Old Weller Antique 107 at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfurt, KY. This was our second trip east—we purchased a barrel of Elmer T. Lee in 2014 which lastest a few short months before selling out—and this time around we brought along Old Gold bar manager Andrew Finkelman, our bartender of five years Collin Anderson, and Paydirt bar manager Andrew Terrell. 

    Together, after much painstaking tasting and thorough note taking, we selected a nearly nine year old barrel of our favorite wheated whiskey. And while Old Weller Antique 107 does share a lineage with the fabled bottled unicorn that is Pappy Van Winkle, its true charm lies in its deceptive heat, mellow sweetness, and soft body that makes the best Old Fashioned in the land.

    We'll be releasing the bourbon on Wednesday, September 21st at the Old Gold and Thursday, September 22nd at Paydirt. Due to the age of our selection, and the greediness of the Angel's Share, we only have a limited number of bottles so please try a pour while you can. It's a very special bourbon and once it's gone, it's gone for good.

    After that, I guess we'll have to take another trip to Kentucky. 

  • Paydirt is Turning One Year Old

    It seems like it was only yesterday that we had a few hundred bottles of whiskeys and a dream. Now our wee baby Paydirt is all grown up, turning one year old on Saturday, October 1st. From 7pm until late, there will be DJ sets from Maliksun and Futurehorse, special prizes, free ice cream all night long, and a few other fun surprises as well. We hope to see you here.

  • Fête de Fernet

    No matter how you like it—chilled in Milan, mixed with Coca-Cola in Buenos Aires, or a quick shot after a bar shift—there is no denying the allure of Fernet. The distilling wizards at Thomas & Sons know this very well, which is why they worked their magic on Townshend's Pacific Northwest Fernet.

    To celebrate the release of this fine local spirit, we're putting on our party hats for the Townshend's Pacific Northwest Fernet release party. The fun starts at 6pm on Monday, August 15 and there will be flights of Fernet, a special Fernet cocktail menu, and lots more—but, due to the fear of a delicious drowning, there will not be a Fernet swimming pool. Our apologies.

    Come on by for a drink. 

  • Whiskey 101 in September

    Your whiskey education (whiskucation?) is of paramont importance to us. That's why we have announced the latest Whiskey 101: An Exploration of American Whiskey class. 

    Our next class will be Saturday, September 3rd at 12pm here at Paydirt This interactive lesson will cover the origins, styles, and varieties of American Whiskey. This includes bourbons, ryes, and plenty more. Yes, you'll get to drink as you learn, as host/professor Andrew Finkelman helps you learn more about the most fascinating spirit on your liquor shelf.

    As always, space is limited and this class always sells out, so get your tickets right this very second

  • We Will Be Closed on the Fourth of July

    Our fellow Americans, we will be closed for the Independence Day holiday on Monday, July 4th. But worry not, we'll be back to our patriotic duty—exhanging alcohol for money—the follow day. 

  • Hop Valley Tap Takeover

    On Thursday, July 7th we are turning over our taps to the mystical beer wizards at Hop Valley. There will be old favorites on draft plus some small batch rare pours as well. And there will be whiskey pairings. And games. And giveaways. Oh, and we're not done...

    …In addition to all the drinking goodness, all four of our Zipper neighbors—Basilisk, Slice, Bywater Grocery, ChickPeaDX—will be serving food specials made with Hop Valley beer. It's an one night only event, starting at 4pm. See you there.